The 7th InfoCom Security Conference took place in Athens, Greece, on March 29-30, 2017, under the title “On the IT Roadmap – Expect the Unexpected”, aimed to highlight this challenge and was once more expected with great interest. For years, Infocom Security Conferences have been a point of reference for developments on Business IT & Cyber Security. The Infocom Security Conference is also a top Annual Summit for IT professionals who specialize in IT security, among other things. The Privacy Flag project has been presented to this event and emphasis was given to crowdsourcing and how it can help to protect web privacy.

Figure 1: The Privacy Flag presentation in Infocom Security 2017 Conference.

Figure 2: Highlight of the Privacy Flag presentation at the Infocom Security 2017 Conference   –

                                                  (Prof. V. Vlachos-CTI)


More information about the event can be provided by accessing the conference website: