The 8th Infocom Security event coincides with the “year of GDPR”, as many call 2018, because of the imminent application -on May 25, 2018– of the well-known European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This regulation compels all organizations and businesses to comply with a new framework of technical and organizational measures for the protection of personal data, and fines especially high amounts in cases of data breach and loss. Another significant development is the official establishment of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) position. However, the most essential and important change that GDPR brings, is that through its obligatory application, it sets the foundation for the creation of a really secure IT infrastructure in organizations and businesses. (


Figure: Privacy Flag participating in Infocom Security Conference 2018


OTE (Hellenic Telecommunications Organization S.A.) via Dr. Alexandros Kostopoulos and University of Athens (UoA) via Mr. Panagiotis Kontopoulos, in the scope of the prescribed WP6-related context of the “Privacy Flag” Project effort have participated and presented the Privacy Flag Project and its tools at the event in Section 3 “Data Protection and New Privacy Challenges”.