Established dissemination approaches, such as publication via conferences, workshops and journals, ensure the widespread diffusion of Privacy Flag concepts and results among academic, legal and policy maker groups/communities.

The goal of the Privacy Flag consortium is to promote and support the organization of sessions and presentations in applicable related workshops of related results and discussion with the wider research community, throughout the life-time of the project. Privacy Flag will organize presentations and sessions in high profile Workshops to describe and promote the main features and benefits of the project. Through these dissemination avenues, the project will obtain important feedback as well as generating new knowledge in privacy practice.

This page provides an overview of Privacy Flag related presentations given by the project partners in the Workshops of selected Conferences. These Workshops specifically target the  privacy aspects of the project and t are used to disseminate project results and to exchange information with similar EU projects, wherever relevant.

Below, you can find detailed data about events, as well as any supporting information. For the completed events, information includes a detailed description of the event and material from the Workshops that Privacy Flag partners attended.