The work plan is tailored in 6 WP addressing the key objectives of the project:

WP1 Architecture design will work in close interaction with the Privacy Flag partners and potential end-users to analyse their requirements to adapt and design a Privacy Flag architecture and process that will provide framework for activities in other WPs.

WP2 Privacy risks analysis and modelling will research the privacy-related risks (legal, technical and societal) and design the privacy risk analytical framework, including the PRAATs and in depth risk analysis process.

WP3 Assessment tools will research and develop the risk assessment tools, including the crowd-sourcing tools for risk assessment and data valuation, the in depth evaluation tools and the Voluntary compliance commitment tool.

WP4 Technical enablers will focus on researching and developing technical enablers, including the smartphone application, the browser add-ons and the security and privacy enablers.

WP5 Integration, tests and validation will handle the integration of the components developed by the previous WPs, and will interconnect and integrate the various pilot buildings with the Privacy Flag platform, including the database and server implementation, the website and backend management platform, as well as end-user tests and validation and an initial knowledge base of 100 assessed key smartphone applications (50) and websites (50).

WP6 Outreach, dissemination and exploitation will focus on the outreach of the platform towards end-users and media, as well as the dissemination and exploitation of the results, including the implementation of the business plan envisaged for the sustainability of the crowdsourcing platform and community. It will also assure the dissemination of results through publication, websites, research communities and specialized networks, including consumers protection organizations and ICT law specialized networks.

WP7 Coordination and management will deal with the day-to-day management of the project, ensuring that contractual obligations are met, payments are made, cost statements are filled correctly, handling any contract amendments, liaising with the Commission and reporting, and ensuring that the results of the project are appropriately disseminated, exploited, and promoted.