EuCNC 2017 has been the 26th edition of a successful series of technical conferences in the field of telecommunications, sponsored by IEEE ComSoc[1] and EURASIP[2], and financially supported by the European Commission, focusing on communication networks and systems, and reaching services and applications.

The theme for EuCNC’17 has been “5G – European Roadmap, Global Impact”. This has reflected well the systematic development of network connectivity technologies in Europe and provided a clear focus towards 5G technology validation and deployment, an area where Europe is a leader in the field. This role is a “must” to ensure a sustainable economy, to improve quality of life and jobs of European Citizens, and to successfully compete in a global digital economy. Europe has to be active on 5G trials and pilot deployment and enable the new ecosystems and 5G business cases to arise in the area, such as the Internet of Things (IoT). To this end, on-going cooperation and partnerships with verticals industries are required, such as those initiated with the automotive industry. Initiatives are on-going worldwide, and the programme assembled for this EuCNC-2017 Conference has provide valuable views also on the global actions. All this is valid regarding the policy objectives set by the Commission through the 5G Action Plan, targeting 5G deployment as early as 2020. Thus, EuCNC-2017 targeted to “bring together” researchers from all over the world to present their latest research results, being one of the main venues for showcasing, demonstrating and trialing the results of research projects, especially from successive European R&D programs. The Conference took place in Oulu, Finland, from June 12-15, 2017[3].


Figure: Privacy Flag in the EuCNC-2017 Event, Special Session 10 (SPS10)


The Privacy Flag has been invited to join, with a dedicated presentation, the Special Session 10[4] (SPS10) “Designing and Developing a Cloud-enabled “Small Cell as a Service” concept, for Multi-Tenancy and Edge Services in the forthcoming 5G Framework”, organised by the 5G-PPP SESAME.

In addition, a paper has been accepted for publication after review, entitled as “Ensuring Privacy in 5G Networks”. The paper has been composed by OTE and Velti. Dr. Alexandros Kostopoulos and Mrs. Maria Belesioti (OTE) presented the paper.

The Special Session proposed a programme with nine (-9-) paper presentations (four coming from the SESAME 5G-PPP project, one coming from the CHARISMA 5G-PPP project[5], one coming from the COHERENT 5G-PPP project, one coming from the 5G-XHAUL project[6], one coming from the 5G ESSENCE[7] project  and one coming from the Privacy Flag H2020 project).

The participation to the SPS10 has also provided the opportunity for the Privacy Flag to have an interactive relationship with several other EU-funded projects such as the 5G-PPP SESAME project, the 5G-PPP 5G ESSENCE project, the 5G-PPP CHARISMA project, the 5G-PPP 5G-XHAUL project and the 5G-PPP COHERENT project.

For the Privacy Flag this has provided an excellent opportunity in order to emphasize upon privacy issues affecting modern technologies.


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