This document provides an overview of the development of the “In depth evaluation tool” outcome from task T3.3.

Task T3.3 is developing the required tools enabling Privacy Flag experts to perform in depth evaluation based on the UPRAAM methodology. This task worked closely with task T6.4 to provide the required and adequate user interface supporting the in-depth evaluation and potential labelling or certification. The developed in-depth evaluation tool has been deployed on line and will be used by the task T6.4 for in-depth evaluation tests and validations. It constitutes a “key enabler” and demonstrator of UPRAAM methodology potential. It has been designed to support the effective use of the UPRAAM and, in order to be practical, user friendly and scalable, it is to enable efficient evaluation process through a cloud-based software as a service platform.

The current status of the platform is indicated in dedicated  tables depicting both the status of platform navigation of pages layout and the status of the dynamic pages of the ‘Application for Certification’ process. The live version can be accessed in with the features and menu layout explained in the main document of D3.3. The interactions implemented are access restricted and actors/roles have interdependencies explained in the document’s text.

As detailed in the deliverable, the methodology and work plan of the task T3.3 have been modified to “better address” the needs of the Privacy Flag project, and to “better align” with the development of the task T6.4. As a consequence, this deliverable D3.3 will focus on the overall platform implementation, and will be followed by a second iteration to be delivered in a following deliverable, with the detailed implementation..