The Privacy Flag project researches and combines the potential of crowdsourcing, ICT technologies and legal expertise to protect citizens’ privacy when visiting websites, using smartphone applications, or living in a smart city. It intends to enable citizens to monitor and control their privacy with a user-friendly solution made available as a smart phone application, a web browser add-on, and a public website – all connected to a shared knowledge database (DB). In parallel, complementary enablers have been developed to address the industry needs.

The present deliverable is a joint deliverable between task T6.3 and T6.4, which are part of the work package 6 (WP6) of the PF project. WP6 is focused on outreach, dissemination and exploitation of the Privacy Flag project.

This report constitutes Deliverable 6.5 of the Privacy Flag project, which has been prepared collaboratively by the Work Package 6 (WP6) partners. This deliverable contains the exploitation plans for the project outputs and the method for the project partners to continue to cooperate beyond the contractual end of the project.

The document is structured in a way to present the different exploitation opportunities for the different project outcomes.