The purpose of this work is to document a detailed management report covering the full second contractual year (Y2) of the Privacy Flag (PF) project effort that is, the period from May 01, 2016 to April 30, 2017.

The present report provides detailed analysis and explicit feedback for all PF project-related activities that have occurred during the above mentioned period in order to “serve” any managerial requirement and/or related need. The proposed contents cover all necessary aspects for a proper and efficient project management, as implicated by the detailed thematic context of WP7.

In particular, this report provides a detailed analysis of the effort and cost spent, per partner, per WP, per separate category and also includes an overview of several among the dissemination activities performed (i.e., publications in journal and conference proceedings).

In principle, there were no critical deviations compared to the original scope of properly realizing the scheduled work and for submitting all expected deliverables. All expected PF deliverables have been submitted for the 2nd Reporting Period and all related milestones have been properly accomplished. Regarding the effort spent –expressed in person months (PMs)– there was no significant deviation between the effort planned versus the effort spent.

A total of 348,993 PMs have been totally (i.e. for all WPs) spent for the cumulative effort during the first year and the second year among the original 502 PMs of the entire effort, which corresponds to a “reasonable” consumption of approximately 69,50% of the personnel effort, during both years of the project. In the same scope, other expenses performed by the partners have not demonstrated any kind of “critical” deviation as of the cases of travel expenses (also including registration fees and expenses for meetings’ hosting); however for the cases of the “other direct” costs as well as for the purchase of durable equipment, expenses have been very limited. All other issues regarding administration and financing have also been treated in a proper way. The cooperation between the partners was sincere, creative and fruitful, while there was effective collaboration between the Project Coordinator, the Technical Manager and the other PF partners/beneficiaries. Other parts of the present document also refer to features of the PF website, to the cumulative financing distributed to the involved partners for the first two reporting periods as well as to responses to the various recommendations that have been initially set by the reviewers following to the conclusion of the First Reporting Period (RP1) according to the progress performed during the Second Reporting Period (RP2). Another part of the work relevant to management issues has also identified some requests made by some partners for a forthcoming Request for an Amendment to the Commission, in order to preserve the proper execution of the original PF targets.