As a follow-up on a request that emerged during the event of Festival Della Scienza (FDS), the Privacy Flag project also visited a High School in Genoa (Italy)Grazia Deledda’s International Linguistic High School, on March 31, 2017.

Approximately, one hundred High School students listened to the Privacy Flag representatives Luca Bolognini and Camilla Bistolfi from IIP.

Figure 1: Privacy Flag visits high school in Genoa.

It was a General Assembly with 150-170 students from 14 to 18 years old and 8-10 teachers organized by the school and hosting a part of the Consortium (IIP) in order to have further information about privacy and PF project.

IIP presented the PF project, introducing themes like privacy, IoT, big data and data processing with electronic means (websites, apps, smart objects, etc.), and cyber bullying.

The students were sincerely interested and asked many questions on privacy (e.g.: How to set a high level of privacy on social networks? What does the IoT do exactly? How does the controller use Big Data and how can he/she combine a large amount of information? etc.).