Data privacy and protection meetup was held in Novi Sad on October 4th, 2017 at Startit center, in Novi Sad. Alexandros Kostopoulos, PhD (OTE Greece) and Nenad Gligorić, PhD (DunavNET) talked about the privacy challenges nowadays from the perspective of partners on the EU Horizon 2020 project Privacy Flag. More than 60 people attended this workshop.

The talk was focused on how dangerous the applications we install on our mobile phones are, what the privacy risks are when we surf the Internet, phishing spams, malicious software apps, social engineering tools, how Android app permissions work, why we should pay attention to them and what are the ways to stay safe – these topics started the privacy conversation.

Additionally, issues related to the EU rules about personal data and General Data Protection Regulation were discussed. In particular, aspects related to the obligations in terms of using data on the Internet and through mobile applications, what information is used, how it is processed, who is responsible for the data, and what is “the right to be forgotten”.

The developed tools of the Privacy Flag project were presented and demonstrated. The end-users installed the aforementioned applications and used them in order to better understand the provided functionalities of these tools. All the participants had a chance to test these tools and make a contribution to their evaluation. Last but not least, end users provided their feedback via open discussion, as well as by filling in the corresponding online questionnaires.

The detailed agenda is presented below:

PART 1: General aspects related to security and privacy

  • Phishing spams
  • Malicious software apps
  • Mobile applications’ permissions
  • Tools for enhancing privacy
  • EU rules and regulation for data privacy

PART 2: Privacy flag approach and tools

  • Crowd-sourcing
  • The Privacy Flag project approach
  • The Privacy Flag tools
  • Live demo
  • Web-sites and mobile apps end-user validation
  • Questionnaires
  • Open discussion and overall evaluation


Photos from the workshop: