Privacy Flag target areas of risks threatening privacy and personal data protection:
For Citizens:

For Companies:

The Privacy Flag offers three user-friendly and freely available tools including a s smartphone application, an Internet browser add-on and a Privacy Software as a Service (SaaS). The tools enable you to monitor and identify threats on your privacy when browsing on a website or using smartphone applications, or identifying privacy threats in privacy in IoT deployments in your environment.

Through the Privacy Flag tools you are able to access a Knowledge database with the collected alerts, profiles and privacy risk level of applications and websites, created by the Privacy Flag crowd. Thus, you are also welcome to contribute, by using the Privacy Flag crowd sourcing platform, providing your assessment for websites, smartphone applications and IoT deployments.

Privacy Flag browser add-on

Once this tool is installed in a chrome browser, it will help you monitor your privacy and assess the level of privacy risk attached to the website you are accessing. You will see a graphical symbol of the Privacy Flag browser add-on located on the navigation bar of the browser. The Privacy Flag browser add-on includes a privacy monitoring agent customisable to notify you for suspicious websites based on the collection of submitted assessments made by the crowd and stored in the Privacy Flag Knowledge database. Note that for now the Privacy Flag browser add-on is only available for the chrome browser as a draft version. It will become available for other popular browsers depending on maturity and demand in the future.

Privacy Flag smart phone application

Once installed on a smartphone the privacy monitoring agent (included in the application) connects to the Privacy Flag knowledge database in order to alert you on the level of privacy risk attached to the applications already installed on the smart phone device. For now, the Privacy Flag smart phone application is developed for Android OS as a draft version.

Privacy Software as a Service (PSaaS)

Can be used when you identify an Internet of Things (IoT) deployment in your environment, and want to assess and be informed on eventual risks for your privacy. This is done through an application in your smartphone, which connects to the Privacy Flag website containing information about IoT deployments and their eventual risks in different environments. These assessments and information are gathered by the crowd.