The purpose of this work is two-fold, that is: (i) to document a detailed management report covering the full third contractual year (Y3) of the Privacy Flag (PF) project effort that is, the period from May 01, 2016 (M25) to May 31, 2017 (M37), and; (ii) to document a detailed management report covering cumulatively the entire full duration (Y1-Y3) of the Privacy Flag (PF) project, that is the period from May 01, 2015 (M1) up to May 31, 2017 (M37). Detailed information about the activities performed within Y1 (M1-M12) are included in the respective Deliverable D7.2, while detailed information about the activities performed within Y2 (M13-M24) are included in the respective Deliverable D7.3.

The present report provides detailed analysis and explicit feedback for all PF project-related activities that have occurred during the above mentioned periods in order to “serve” any managerial requirement and/or related need. The proposed contents cover all necessary aspects for a proper and efficient project management, as implicated by the detailed thematic context of WP7.

In particular, this report provides a detailed analysis of the effort and cost spent, per partner, per WP, per separate category and also includes an overview of several among the dissemination activities performed (i.e., publications in journal and conference proceedings).

In order to “serve” for a broader context of assessment, the present deliverable has been structured in several distinct sections, as follows:

Section 1 provides a short introduction of the PF consortium project.

Section 2 intends to focus upon benefits and innovations originating from the PF effort by emphasizing on discussion about fundamental aims and outcomes of the project. It has also included an overview of technical innovations performed together with PF’s contributions to challenges of the actual EU policy. This section has also included a part about societal impact and user awareness as well as about “other” potential impacts (i.e.: environmental, business, innovation capacity, etc.). It has also included short sections about gender consideration and about project governance and project management structures.

Section 3 has been the “core” of the deliverable with detailed information on a per WP basis (i.e.: covering activities from WP1 up to ‘WP8”) about the actions carried out, the contributions performed by the involved partners and, most importantly, about the depiction of effort spent during Ye as well as cumulatively for the full duration of the PF project  (Y1-Y3). This section has also included an overview of all WPs and a short risk management approach. We have also included assessment about the cumulative effort covering all WPs.

Section 4 has been dedicated to various activities about the PF consortium management.

Section 5 has focused upon several aspects about the PF website.

Section 6 has discussed the distribution of the Community’s Financial Contribution until today.

Section 7 has provided a detailed overview of the PF expenditures for Ye as well as for the cumulative period of all three years of the project.

Section 8 has discussed in detail, PF consortium’s prior and actual responses to the various comments.

Section 8 serves as an informative Annex 1.