Interview Ali Padyab

Interview with Ali Padyab


Name: Ali Padyab

Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Ali and I am PhD students at Luleå University of Technology. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems at Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom (2008) and my Master’s degree in Information Security at Luleå University of Technology (2013). In 2014, I began to work on my PhD within the field of privacy, in which, I am looking at “Genres of disclosure” and its implications for designing privacy affecting systems. My general research interests are mainly focused on especial attention to social aspects of privacy/security and its integration with technical development and administration of information systems and mobile systems.  Other interests include privacy by design, social media privacy and information security risk assessment.

What are you working on in the Privacy Flag project?

My role is to design crowdsourcing tools and end user evaluation of the privacy flag tools. More specifically, I interact with users to make sure of that the project is aligned with their privacy preferences. System usability and end user experience is also part of my privacy flag project.

Tell us about the tool you are working on

I am working on the crowdsourcing tools, which are to enable the crowd to assess the privacy risks. This tool is embedded within the addon, app and IoT tools, which contributes to crowd involvement of the privacy flag project. This tool facilitates the evaluations and well as raising awareness regarding privacy risks associated with web sites, apps and IoT enabled devices within smart cities.

What is your best privacy tip?

Think second before sharing!