Privacy Flag at the IoT Week 2017

Privacy Flag project was actively represented at the IoT Week 2017 conference in Geneva Switzerland, from June 6 to 9 2017. Mandat International, Archimede Solutions, the Istituto Italiano per la Privacy and the University of Bristol organized several sessions on IoT Security and Privacy, including:
IoT Security & Privacy: chaired by Sébastien Ziegler of Mandat International, with the participation of Luca Bolognini of the Istituto Italiano per la Privacy, Jean-Phillipe Walter of the Swiss Data Protection Office, James St-Pierre, Deputy Director of NIST Lab, and Paul Nemitz the Director responsible for Fundamental rights and Union citizenship in the Directorate-General Justice of the European Commission.
GDPR & IoT: chaired by Luca Bolognini of the Istituto Italiano per la Privacy, with Lucio Scudiero of Archimede Solutions, Prof Andrew Charlesworth of the University of Bristol, Steve Purser Head of Core Operations Department of ENISA, and Dr. Rolf H. Weber of the University of Zurich – Faculty of Law.
IoT Risk Management: chaired by Lucio Scudiero of Archimede Solutions, with Antonio Kung of Trialog SA and ISO, Stefano Bianchi of Softeco Sismat, Christopher Hemmens of Mandat International, and Gyu Myoung Lee of SMIEEE Liverpool John Moores University.

Archimede Solutions also organized and manned a booth presenting Privacy Flag and the certification scheme developed in the context of the task T6.4. The Booth was quite successful and attracted a lot of attention. It also appeared on the Swiss national TV channel during the main news edition.

During the famous conference, IIP has spoken about Challenges of the Internet Of Things stressing the concept of Crowd-privacy in the PF environment.